February counting activity sheet for kids


What a lovely joyful little month February is. For our shortest month there’s quite a lot going on. We’re anticipating Spring with daylight growing day by day, energised by IMBOLC firing up our creativity, re-connecting with the female force that was Saint Brigid, celebrating LOVE, scoffing PANCAKES and there’s even a BIRTHDAY at Lilly & Bright!

St Bridgets Cross


We’ve captured some of February in our downloadable counting activity page.

Valentines Day, St Bridget's Day, Pancake Tuesday. Snowdrops and daffodils are emerging while Foxes, Rabbits and Lambs are the first spring babies to be born. 

February Counting activity sheet for kids


February gains an extra day this year because it's a leap year!!
So have you ever wondered why we need an extra day every 4 years?

Here's why:

Our calendar needs to stay aligned with the astronomical seasons. One orbit of Earth around the Sun takes approximately 365.25 days... a little more than our 365 calendar.

Because of this .25 difference, our calendar gradually gets out of sync with the seasons. Adding an extra day, aka a “leap day,” to the calendar every four years realigns our calendar with the seasons. If we didn't have a “leap year” our calendar would be off by 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds more each year! 

Enjoy the extra day this month.

Other fascinating events in February include a full moon on February 24th and did you know: rockpools at low Spring Tides around the time of the full moon will have the widest most unusual variety of inhabitants. Biodiversity Ireland have a great rockpooling map of Ireland available here: https://biodiversityireland.ie/app/uploads/2021/09/A2-IT-insert-HW2019.pdf

February tides are: 

  • Sunday 4th February - Neap Tide
  • Monday 12th February - Spring Tide
  • Monday 19th February - Neap Tide
  • Monday 26th February - Spring Tide

**Alway check a reliable tide timetable for low tide and watch out for the tide turning don't get caught out!

Wishing you all a joyful, happy February,

Elaine & Suzanne xx


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