robin in a whitethorn tree

Dawn Chorus

robin in a whitethorn tree

Is anyone else woken up by chirps and twittering of little birds recently?

It’s that time of year when the Dawn Chorus heralds the arrival of Spring. The robin is now my natural 6.30am alarm clock with blackbirds, wrens and thrushes joining in later. 

The loudest dawn chirping and tweeting is typically from the strongest, healthiest, best fed male birds as it takes a lot of energy, and after the cold night and empty bellies they are performing to show off their strength.

They are also defending their territory and displaying their qualities to attract a mate. A busy time of year for all the little birds, searching for safe spaces to nest. 

Our dad has had pairs of blue tits regularly visiting his garden to check out bird boxes.  One pair have moved into one, but another box has yet to be claimed …. it seems it doesn’t quite meet the location location location brief. 

We love using the Merlin Bird Id App  to record and identify the bird sounds we hear on walks and in our neighbourhood. 

This time we have a little bird identifying activity to download and print.
Something to do over the Easter Holidays. 

Happy Easter Everyone

Elaine & Suzanne XX

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