Leaf colouring sheet with crayons and sketchbook

Learning about Leaves

sketchpad with leaf line drawings

Hello Friends,

Another free printable from Lilly & Bright for the Autumn Season.

I love leaves and Autumn always throws them into sharp focus with all their wonderful colours. I've been drawing them to help me learn & identify them better when I'm out for a stroll. Apart from the main ones I realised I didn't know that many!!

I also wanted to help teach my kids about all the different shapes of leaves & the trees they come from. They can take this sheet & some colours with them when out for a walk in the park or woods - see how many they can find & colour in as they identify the leaf. I always find an activity helps to motivate & get them enthusiastic about going outdoors.

You can download the A4 Printable Sheet Here 




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Have fun colouring & learning about leaves. 
Suzanne x

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